Digital Defence

Protecting your content from Internet piracy

Digital Defence primarily provide monitoring services of illegal file sharing. Our systems monitor over 300m unique monthly users, sharing files through a range of technologies.

 Monitoring & reporting

As well as monitoring and reporting copyright violations, Digital Defence also provide countermeasures to help reduce the spread of copyright material. By deploying spoof files through our computer network, many users attempting to download copyright content will infact download empty files.

Legal action

Our services can be tailored to include legal response to copyright violations. In such case, we will content the Internet Service Providers concerned to obtain details of those account holders who have been recorded as downloading illegally. We are also then able to pursue these individuals, in order to obtain compensation and recup losses.

Digital Economy Bill

With the Digital Economy Bill continuing it's progress towards law, it is important as a content producer to be prepared, and be able to take action against digital piracy to protect your rights.

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